Giving Back Charity Program

Inspection Tech. was started in 2005 and has grown every year. We are now at the point where we would like to give back.

Starting in May 2015, we began donating on behalf of our clients, a portion of the proceeds from each one of our services to one of four charities. The charities for 2017 are listed below:

Each Charity has been carefully researched by the Inspection Tech. team to assure that the donations are truly going to be able to help those in need.

The current donation totals so far are as follows:
MonthAmount Donated
 May 2015 $550
 June 2015 $480
 July 2015 $470
 August 2015 $500
 September 2015 $400
 October 2015 $375
 November 2015 $350
 December 2015 $560
 January 2016 $300
 February 2016 $465
 March 2016 $735
April 2016$910
May 2016$905
June 2016$745
July 2016$740
August 2016$715
September 2016$585
October 2016$620
November 2016$555
December 2016$370
January 2017$495
February 2017$675
March 2017$935
April 2017$1,020
May 2017$1,280
June 2017$1,065
July 2017$1,040

We've also received a letter from the Cleveland APL regarding your donations. Read more about these wonderful charities and how they are helping the community:

Acheivement Centers for Children

A Cleveland, Ohio based non-profit organization that provides support, services, and programs that help children with a wide range of physical, emotional, neurological, or developmental disabilities achieve their full potential in life.

Our Mission is to enable and empower children with disabilities and their families to grow, learn, play and prepare for lifelong achievement in society.

Neighborhood Housing Services

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Greater Cleveland strengthens neighborhoods and communities in Northeast Ohio through high quality programs and collaborations in support of homeownership that is affordable. Trusted by stakeholders and as a premier NeighborWorks® organization, NHS of Greater Cleveland assists and educates clients along the continuum of home ownership.

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Greater Cleveland's mission is to provide ongoing programs and services to help residents achieve, preserve, and, sustain the American Dream of homeownership.

The Cleveland APL

We have been creating "happily ever afters" at the Cleveland APL since 1913. We offer many life-saving programs and services for Northeast Ohio's homeless animals including Humane Investigations, Animal Admissions, Animal Welfare Clinic, Trap-Neuter-Return Program, Foster Care Program, and much more! Since we receive no government funding, we rely on generous financial supporters to make a difference in the lives of the animals for whom we care for.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League’s mission is to foster compassion and end animal suffering.

Heroes Home Project

Heroes Home Project is a Northeast Ohio based non-profit organization that partners with real estate industry vendors offering discounts to military Veterans, active duty service members, first responders, educators and medical care professionals.

Our motto is "Doing good things for good people."

Our mission is to find long term solutions for local homeless Veterans that meet their unique housing and employment needs.