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Buying a home requires a lot of work. Typically the process is long and laborious, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be intimidating. For the next week, let Inspection Tech take some of the intimidation factor out of the equation with some great step by step suggestions to get you into your new home feeling confident & prepared!


The first thing you want to do once you decide to buy a home is to organize your finances, check your credit score, and make sure you look like a good candidate for a mortgage.
This should be done prior to starting your search, because it’s in your best interest to approach the process with a strong financial background–purchasing a house is a major expense that will affect your finances for many years to come. The more prepared you are for such an investment, the more smoothly it will go.


We know it sounds backwards, but you want to figure out your price range before you start shopping around for a home, and you can’t do that until you are able to accurately estimate your loan.
One way to figure out what type of mortgage will work best for you is by getting pre-approved or prequalified for a loan. Pre-approval or pre-qualification will:
Give you an estimate of what type of loan you qualify for
Help you determine what your monthly mortgage payments will be
Allow you to better calculate your home-buying budget


Once you’ve found a mortgage plan that fits–or at least have a better idea of what type of loan you can afford–you should calculate your budget.
You should figure out your budget only after you have your finances organized and know that now is a good time for you to purchase. You also want to estimate your costs on the higher side to make sure you’re fully prepared to buy a home.
The best way to figure out your budget is by adding up estimates of all the costs related to your new home.
These costs typically include:
Down payment for mortgage
Closing costs
Property taxes
Maintenance costs
Homeowners association fees
Inspection and application fees
Regular mortgage payments

Stay tuned for some more great suggestions for making the home buying process a breeze!

5 Steps for Decluttering

We just found out we are moving. A new job in a new city and now FREAK OUT. We have to declutter and stage a home we have lived in for fourteen years. When I first came home after we got the news I looked around and was suddenly overcome by the urge to set fire to the whole mess. Obviously this is not an option so I got to work doing what I do best. Research and planning. First an foremost on my list is to not look at the whole picture but to tackle one room/area at a time. I made the following list of tips to not just ease my mind, but to hopefully help all of you get a game plan together and tackle the clutter and get the most out of your home.

Here are five steps that can help make the process more manageable, efficient and, perhaps even fun. Plus, simplifying now will make moving that much easier.

  1. Start small & choose one area at a time. If you attempt to organize your entire home in a day, you’ll end up fatigued and frustrated. Instead, choose one area to focus on, like your linen closet. Decide whether you want to save, donate or toss your towels, sheets and blankets.
  2. Pre-pick donation sites. Call ahead to see what they will and won’t accept. Locally, I chose Needs Cleveland. A non profit that gives all their donated items away for free. Just this knowledge that our stuff will go to families in need is makes the process easier and there are many shelters in the city as well that could need children’s clothing and other items like blankets & books
  3. Rent a dumpster. Consider renting a dumpster to help you as you sort through clutter, room by room. They’re also handy for disposing of remodeling materials you may have accumulated over the years – old carpets, extra tile, broken items from around the house. Pitch anything that is broken or no longer usable.
  4. Deal with electronics and hazardous materials. Look for special collection days in your area for electronics, including old computers and video game systems. Make sure you wipe data off of old hard drives and phones before disposing of them. Hazardous material collections are a good place for old paint, thermometers and other chemicals.
  5. Edit each room from the buyer’s perspective. After the hard work of organizing and decluttering room by room, approach each area from the perspective of a buyer. Pack away knick knacks, photographs and other items that distract from the space itself. If you miss having them around, you can choose to bring them with you when you move. If not, you’ll know you’re ready to say goodbye.

These five steps will have you well on your way to a decluttered house that will be more attractive to prospective buyers. Now that you have gotten back to the basics, now would be the perfect time to schedule a pre-listing inspection from Inspection Tech! Get a head start on what prospective buyers might uncover when they book their inspections. We have 20 inspectors on staff here to serve you and assist in making sure your home is not just visually staged but also physically up to code and ready to sell.
We service all of Northeast Ohio so give us a call today 440-465-0448



Inspection Tech has always been focused first on you our customers and giving you the best home inspection at the most competitive price possible. But recently we have really been focusing on getting our name out there and making a presence via social media.

This blog is one way that we get in touch with you our customers and let you know what we are up to. But did you know that we are also on Instagram? We are so pleased and proud to have Melanie from our office team now managing the Instagram page. If you have time please stop by Instagram and find us @inspectiontech440 and give us a follow!

We just featured the inspectors on Instagram and told you a little about each of them and what they bring to Inspection Tech. With 20 inspectors on staff here and Inspection Tech and the fact that we perform inspections 7 days a week we will always be able to take care of you and provide you with the best inspections on the market.

We service all of Northeast Ohio and our office staff is available 8am-8pm Monday thru Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday & Sunday to answer any questions and to assist you in scheduling your home inspection.
If you are an agent and looking for a company to recommend consider us! We are proud of the fact that we have working relationships with some of the premier agents in the area and know that they rely on our professional and prompt business. Give us a call and see about getting some information for your agency, clients & friends.

Thank you for choosing Inspection Tech

What a Summer It Has Been!

Can you even believe it's already August? Summer has flown by! We have had an amazing one here at Inspection Tech. Thanks to you our wonderful customers, we have been besting our goals from last year and are on target to have our best year ever!

We also have two new inspectors officially finished with training and out and about performing outstanding inspections every day! Scott McDonald and Steve Toth have been through not only extensive InterNACHI training but also completed our own in depth training here at Inspection Tech. Scott went out on over seventy inspections as a trainee before graduating to a Lead Inspector. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication that these guys put into what they do every day. You can't mention the new guys without giving props to those inspectors that have been with us all along. We have a team of almost 20 now and each member is such an important part of making the company a success and bringing you our customers the best home inspections on the market!

We have also been welcoming many new agents to the team here at Inspection Tech. We would like to thank all of our agents new and existing, for truly making Inspection Tech what it is today. Word of mouth is the main avenue of advertising here at Inspection Tech and we rely on agents' experiences with our inspectors and their feedback to continue to grow and improve each and every day.



Spring Cleaning!

Now that the weather is warming up in Northeast Ohio, why not throw open those windows and let in the fresh air and give your home a little TLC.

Most people only think of home inspections as something you schedule when you are buying or maybe preparing to list your home. And indeed, these are two times when a home inspection is a must do for a buyer or a seller, when wanting to make sure your home is in tip top shape.

But why not consider getting a well check on your home! I mean we get check-ups at the doctor's office right? So wouldn't it make sense to check the status of your home as well? Inspection Tech offers these "well check" inspections to anyone who would like to know how their home is doing. As you are making preparations for the spring cleaning check lists, why not give Inspection Tech a call and schedule a home well check today?

Our professional and helpful office staff are here to help answer questions and get you scheduled today!



Getting Ready For Spring With Inspection Tech

The weather is still hit or miss here in Northeast Ohio but it’s never too early to start thinking about getting a jump start in the preparations for selling your home!  Why not call Inspection Tech and schedule a pre-listing inspection with one of our 20+ NACHI certified & trained inspectors? They will perform an extensive pre-listing inspection to prepare you for listing your home. No one wants unexpected issues to pop up once you have a buyer interested in your home! Our pre-listing inspections can inform you, the seller, about any issues or situations in the home that could cause you trouble down the road and give you the time to address the issues BEFORE listing your home. 

     Our pre-listing inspections are offered at a competitive rate of only $375 for a single family home up to 3,750 square feet! Our friendly & informative office team is available 7 days a week to help you with scheduling your pre-listing appointment. No time to call? You can request an appointment online at www.inspectiontech.us 

    In addition to our pre-listing inspections we offer a full variety of services to our clients, such as home health inspections, radon testing, mold inspections and pest inspections. We also have two certified structural engineers on staff here at Inspection Tech as well. 

Serving all of Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas, Inspection Tech is the premier home inspection company here to serve all of your home needs. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment 

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

How to Keep Pipes From Freezing

Northeast Ohio winters can be harsh and brutal.  The effects of cold temperatures and raw winter weather can wreck havoc on your home’s interior pipes and plumbing.  In the greater Cleveland area we are not strangers to what sub zero temperatures and polar vortexes can bring.  And with the right amount of preparation and caution taken through the long winter months you shouldn’t face too many additional surprises than weather swings.

During this season pipes are most susceptible to damage. Homeowners and sellers can follow a few steps and tips in preventing pipes from freezing or bursting in the bitter cold.  Navigating through the tips may cost money up front but mean savings in the end. 

The outdoor temperature of greatest concern is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.  Keen eyes and ears are important here.

Taking inventory of your home’s layout and location of exposed or exterior pipes in the first step.  Knowing this information will help you to keep stock and watch of areas of potential damage.  Exposed pipes in garages, basements, and attics — unheated interior spaces — should be of first priority.  

Keep garage and porch doors closed during the winter months.  

Open cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathrooms to allow warmer air to circulate through cupboards.  Take this step in other rooms of your home with sinks or cupboards with pipes running through them.

If a faucet is dripping water allow it to continue.  The sound may be bothersome and may elevate your monthly water bill, it lets water run through the pipe which in turn prevents freezing.  

Keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature, same during the day as at night, maintains the temperature of the pipes.  Fluctuations in temperatures can cause additional damage that can be prevented.  Thermostats should not be set below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Consider installing insulation or additional amounts of insulation in basements, garages, attics, crawl spaces, or porches.  Take steps to prevent drafts by sealing windows, cracks, and sill plates.  

During the winter a little modification can go a long way in keeping your home running smoothly in the hope of spring and sunshine.  

Who is Inspection Tech?

Did you know?

Did you know that at Inspection Tech we have over 20, trained & certified inspectors on staff? In addition to the many inspectors that we have in Lakewood, Cleveland & Rocky River, we also have inspectors in Sandusky, Akron and even Youngstown! Our inspectors go through an extensive training program and are professional & experienced. When you book with Inspection Tech you are getting the best home inspection on the market today.

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions & biggest investment you will make in your life. the task of getting your home inspected can seem a bit daunting if you are a first time home buyer. Here at Inspection Tech we try and make the process as easy for you, the client, as possible. Our office team are here Monday through Friday from 8am until 8pm and on Saturday & Sunday from 10am until 6pm. They are available to help walk you through the process and answer any of your questions. Always, friendly, informative & courteous they will make the scheduling process a breeze!

Our scheduling and inspection template systems are cutting edge and take the home inspection process to the next level. Once you schedule your home inspection, you will receive a confirmation email that include the date and time of your inspection, as well as your inspection agreement and invoice. You are able to sign your agreement and pay your invoice online which is so convenient in today's hectic world. This online ability also makes Inspection Tech the perfect solution for anyone moving to Cleveland and the surrounding area from out of state.

Our inspectors carry iPad's with templates that ensure they never miss a detail and can produce a comprehensive report with photographs at the touch of a finger.

Our goal here at Inspection Tech is to offer our clients the best service for a competitive price and to take the worry out of the equation! Call today to schedule your home inspection!

Your family at Inspection Tech

Making Closets Look Bigger

Getting ready to sell your cozy Northeast Ohio home this winter?  Hoping to have it stand out to potential buyers?  Start with revamping your closet to leave a lasting impression.

We use them everyday and often shut the door on them because opening them can be overwhelming and crammed.  Such a small, mundane piece of your home’s interior can make a big differene in showing it’s potential and assets.  There are little tweaks and minor adjustments, for a small cost, that can lead to big improvements for your selling experience.

The best place to start is by DECLUTTERING your closet space.  Empty out the spaces, clean the shelves, hooks, nooks and crannies of each closet remembering to clear the floors.  Have as little in your closet as necessary for the closet to appear larger.  But be sure to not leave the space too bare as this will make your closet and home seem unlived in, sad, and empty.

With your belongings out of the closets, refresh it with washing and painting. Choose a color that is light and bright; whites and pastels may be best.  Add a light or two also.  The new paint and lights makes potential buyers believe that the closet space is easy to navigate and more accessible.

Add mirrors and organizers strategically to add depth, look neater, bigger, organized, and functional.  This helps buyers to see themselves living in your home and using the space on a daily basis.  With the organizers, like shelves, hangers, hooks, and/or decorative boxes, take the chance to display your goods and offer ideas, insight, and inspiration for the potential buyers to more easily see themselves living in your home.

Little spaces make big impressions and big differences in the selling process of a home.  By taking advice, doing it right, acting strategically and intentionally, with spending a little money, you will see an impactful result in the end.

2019 Trends for Buyers and Sellers to Look For

There is both good and bad news in store for the new year in real estate.  Buyers and sellers will both benefit but have an increased number of obstacles from what is being forecast within the housing market.

There will be more homes for sale and available to meet the past demands of buyers.  While this may be a perk for buyers after a record low of homes for sale over the past 18 months, sellers must be more competitive and keen to the marketplace than before.  The past year or 2 may have been slanted towards a seller’s market, that scale is tipping to the buyer.  Buyers will have more homes to compare and contrast, to meet their needs, and to meet their demands.  A note of interest may be that there will be a significant increase in property for sale in high-end markets in larger metro areas and their surrounding suburbs and neighboring towns.

More homes may open for purchase, but less money will be on the table to make the transactions.  Affording a home, buying, financing, and maintaining these properties.  The mortgage rates are expected to increase as well as the actual selling price of homes.  These increases are likely to increase at a higher rate than the increase in income and net payments.  Budgets will be tighter and those affected most will continue to be first time home buyers.

Millennials, will once again, reign the buying market.  For many the homes purchased will be their 2nd, not seeing the struggle associated with those first-time home buyers and owners.  Though this population subgroup will reign in buying, they are much more price conscious than others and more willing to be flexible in their “needs” and wants in their residences.  Because of the increased amount of student debt and desire to maintain a particular “lifestyle” millennials will make more compromises, such as smaller living spaces, different neighborhood or location, and fewer perks to stay within their comfort zone of daily living.

One factor that may change and alter the outlooks for home buyers and sellers is the new tax law.  The expected outcome of those changes in tax law is unknown, forecasters are uncertain of how this key component of home buying, financing, and selling will affect the market for the year and into the future.


[https://rdceconomics.wpengine.comwp-content/uploads/2018/11/R4-29279-2019-housing-forecast-infographic.jpg ]