We are living in some unsettling times right now. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus shutting down schools, restaurants and businesses we just wanted to reassure all of our agents, clients and friends that at Inspection Tech we always place the utmost importance on the safety of those we work with every day.

As of today, we are still actively performing home inspections and want to assure you that our inspectors are practicing the methods that have been suggested by the CDC.

Our inspectors will be practicing social distancing and combined with frequent hand washing can wear gloves while performing inspections.

If you wish to decline attending an inspection it is your choice to do so. Our inspectors take many photographs and are used to performing inspections in homes for out of state clients and are always through and respectable. Under present guidelines we fall into the safe category for gatherings at inspections as generally it is the inspector, agent and perhaps the client and a spouse. So it would bu up to you, the client to make that decision.

If our inspectors are feeling unwell they will immediately let the office staff know and take themselves off the schedule to self quarantine.

Our office staff is working remotely and our hours in the office will remain Monday – Friday 8am-8pm and on the weekends from 10am-6pm

We cannot thank all of you, the agents and clients, that have helped Inspection Tech become the company it is today. We will do everything we can to continue bringing you the best inspections in NE Ohio in the safest way possible for all during this time of uncertainty.

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