Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspection

Inspection Tech is well known for our residential home inspection services, but we offer commercial inspections too! We provide a 'lite' commercial inspection, which is very similar to our general inspection in that they are thorough and timely.

Types of Commercial Properties

Some examples of the commercial properties that we serve are mixed-use properties, residential, residential/commercial spaces.

Great for Investor Groups

Inspection Tech is also a great resource for investor groups. We know that when you're buying properties, you don't always have the luxury of seeing the building in person. Our extensive reports are the next best thing to being there during your inspection.

It is nice for them to have someone to count on to make that educated decision.

How Long Does the Inspection Take?

The length of the inspection can vary but generally takes 2-3 hours depending on size and what we find.

Why Choose Us?

Other than our extremely thorough inspections and reports, the biggest benefit to commercial customers is our huge team of highly trained and experienced inspectors. No matter how big your building is, we can tackle the whole inspection quickly as we have the staff to cover the ground!

This makes it quick and easy for you to have your property inspected by a quality team!