Lead Testing


Lead-Paint Clearance Examination

Any home built before 1978 is reasonably presumed to contain lead-based paint. Residential rental units built before 1978 must have a Lead Safe Certification from the City of Cleveland’s Department of Building and Housing. If you're an investor, property manager, or landlord, this could apply to you!

How does the process work?

One of our Licensed Lead Clearance Technicians will walk you through the process. It's a two-step process that first requires a visual inspection. During this step, we are looking for no visible chipped/peeling/deteriorated paint on exterior or interior, no visible dust, and no bare soil.

If it passes this, the next step is sample collection and lab submission. For this step, dust wipes are taken at the floors, window troughs, and windowsills. A minimum of 4 rooms are tested with 12 dust wipes. Once both steps have been passed, you will receive your Lead-Safe Certification.


1 UNIT: $350Total: # of units ______ x $350 =_______
2 – 4 UNITS: $325 (PER UNIT)Total: # of units ______ x $325 =_______
5 – 10 UNITS: $300 (PER UNIT)Total: # of units ______ x $300 =_______
11 OR MORE UNITS: $275 (PER UNIT)Total: # of units ______ x $275 =_______



If your property fails the visual inspection, the lead inspector will provide you with pictures of the areas that will need to be remediated before he or she can come back out to do another visual inspection and then ultimately a clearance examination.


# of units ____ x $50 =_______


Additional testing must take place. The amount of samples needed for the re-test will determine the additional cost.


# of units ____ x $____ =_______


If the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours from the scheduled date or if we arrive at the scheduled appointment and no one is home.


# of units ____ x $50=_______


Why choose Inspection Tech?

With 15+ years in the business and a wide range of inspection and environmental testing services, Inspection Tech is your one-stop shop for Lead-Safe Certification. High-volume investors, property managers, and landlords are always welcome. Package deals are available in bulk. Contact us for additional details!

Learn More About Leading Testing

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