Making Closets Look Bigger

Getting ready to sell your cozy Northeast Ohio home this winter?  Hoping to have it stand out to potential buyers?  Start with revamping your closet to leave a lasting impression.

We use them everyday and often shut the door on them because opening them can be overwhelming and crammed.  Such a small, mundane piece of your home’s interior can make a big differene in showing it’s potential and assets.  There are little tweaks and minor adjustments, for a small cost, that can lead to big improvements for your selling experience.

The best place to start is by DECLUTTERING your closet space.  Empty out the spaces, clean the shelves, hooks, nooks and crannies of each closet remembering to clear the floors.  Have as little in your closet as necessary for the closet to appear larger.  But be sure to not leave the space too bare as this will make your closet and home seem unlived in, sad, and empty.

With your belongings out of the closets, refresh it with washing and painting. Choose a color that is light and bright; whites and pastels may be best.  Add a light or two also.  The new paint and lights makes potential buyers believe that the closet space is easy to navigate and more accessible.

Add mirrors and organizers strategically to add depth, look neater, bigger, organized, and functional.  This helps buyers to see themselves living in your home and using the space on a daily basis.  With the organizers, like shelves, hangers, hooks, and/or decorative boxes, take the chance to display your goods and offer ideas, insight, and inspiration for the potential buyers to more easily see themselves living in your home.

Little spaces make big impressions and big differences in the selling process of a home.  By taking advice, doing it right, acting strategically and intentionally, with spending a little money, you will see an impactful result in the end.

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