Winterizing Your Home

As cold weather approaches, it is important to take a few preventative measures to protect your home through the chilly months. Winterizing your home is a relatively inexpensive task that can save you a lot of money and ensure that you have a warm, comfortable and efficient home.

Many of these tips can be performed at home by the homeowner and require little to no “handyman” skills and can make a real difference once cold weather hits.

  1. Clean those gutters and downspouts in mid-fall and double check them just before winter arrives. If you can install leaf guards it will be a great preventative step year round
  2. Replace the filter in your furnace. Close any open vents and check your heater to make sure it’s in working order. If you want that extra level of security and knowledge hire a heating & cooling guy to test the efficiency of your furnace.
  3. Disconnect any hoses from outside faucets and make sure water is off
  4. Get your snow shovel and winter tools ahead of the game and check your snowblower tomake sure it is in proper working order
  5. If you have a deck, get a fresh coat of sealant down to protect it from the harsh winterelements
  6. Check windows and doors for drafts and apply caulk or weather stripping around problemareas. In older homes windows are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to letting the heat out and the cold in! Having weatherproof windows can make a huge difference in comfort and cost during the winter months. Energy efficient double paned windows are a great option the create a more efficient and comfortable home.
  7. If you have a chimney/wood stove be sure to have it cleaned early in the season and test the flue for each fireplace for a tight seal when closed.

These are just a few suggestions for weatherproofing your home during the chilly winter months. Be sure to check back often for more suggestions and tip to help you maintain the health and comfort of your family and your home!

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